Paul M. Yoe

Adopted life gives us vision, wonder and humility.  Are u in?

Since a young age, Paul has been highly aware he is different. Gifted with a keen sense of the sights, sound and all the world around. Photography has given him a way to slow down and see the real world around him.

These images grab a moment in time and show how we live, and others in our lives.

Having to much energy and needing to focus, Paul was given his first camera in his adolescent years. In teen years with a Pentax K 1000,manual settings and  his own dark room, the wonders of still images  began to appear.

Later years lead to formal, yet more important  hands on Education of Architectural, Drafting, Design, Detailing, and Photography. 

Paul continues to develop photography skills as part of professional work and avocation to serve others.

This site is dedicated to Leanne who I love very much, more than she may ever know. 

Enjoy the Pictures.